Sunday, September 20, 2009

Meeker Classic 2009

I went to the Meeker Classic sheepdog trial last week, and it was just amazing seeing such talented dogs and skilled handling. The sheep were, as always, difficult and challenging and just plain uncooperative. Amanda Milliken and her 10-year-old Ethel made it look easy, though. Their winning run was incredible. Here are a few photos of the trial...

Faansie Basson's Jill

Jill brings the second set of sheep through the panels to join the first set

Derek Fisher's Jen

Bev Lambert's Hemp

Bev penning with Hemp

Reserve Champs Tommy Wilson and Sly at the pen

Red Oliver and Blaze

Libby Nieder's Lyn working at the international shed

Handlers watching the action

2009 Meeker Champs Amanda Milliken and Ethel show us how it's done

For more photos of the 2009 Meeker Classic, take a look here.


Anonymous said...

Accessories comment (not the sheep scrunchies): is Amanda Milliken's hat really that wide? Sort of a Little Bo Peep look?


amanda said...

My hat is really that big. I have had a few pre-cancerous spots off my face from sun damage and I try to wear as broad a brimmed hat as the wind will allow. I do not like sun block near my eyes, so the hat is the best option. Old fashioned, but it works. I have never considered myself to look much like Little Bo Peep, but may be you are onto something there.