Sunday, September 21, 2008

Photos from the National Finals

I went to the Finals in Sturgis, SD, last week and it was amazing. I met some terrific people and saw some amazing dogs! I took some pictures, but because I was volunteering (scribing and helping with the exhausting), I only got a chance to photograph a few of the runs. But here's a sampling of them:

Dan Keeton and Bingo

Don Helsley and Cap

Larry Adams and Mirk

Marilyn Terpstra's Gin

Libby Nieder and Lyn

Scott Glen and Maid

Dennis Gellings and Jan

Jennifer Clark-Ewers and Sweep

Laura Hicks and Jag

Handlers watching under the tent

Laura and Hub discuss business, while Denice looks on

Sheep were rambioullets

Exhausted sheep moving along

to join their buddies

Judges' tent

The 18 finalists were introduced to the crowd. Here, Don Helsley, Patrick Shannahan, Ron Burkey, Scott Glen, and Amanda Milliken are making their way onto the field.

Set out crew coming down from the hill for the opening ceremony

I spent a lot of time being "Bucket Girl," or, more affectionately, "Bo Peep." We used two sets of three bottle lambs as a draw for the trial rambioullets coming off the field into the exhaust pen, where we removed collars and sent them on their way. One of my jobs was to lure the bottle lambs around with the grain :-)

You can see a few more here. I had a lot of fun, and I look forward to going again, maybe one day as a competitor!

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Allie Oop said...

What a great bunch of photos! You did a nice job in showing the terrain of the trial and of the competitors.