Monday, August 04, 2008

Skittish lambs!

Okay, time to update. I've been slacking on updating the blog!

I went out with Taz and Craig on Friday and worked lambs that were very skittish. Taz was definitely not in complete control of them, but they were pretty tough. They would not flock at all and were super light—as in, Taz would look at them and they'd run in different directions. It was cool to watch him as he adjusted his style and tried out different things. He listened to me quite well, particularly on the squirrelly fetch, since he didn't know what to do on his own. It was hard, though, for both of us. But probably very good for us.

Craig also had a tough time, though obviously with his range of experience he was much more comfortable than Taz had been. I couldn't help him as much as I'd helped Taz, since my timing when driving at a distance is so crap. He had to work to cover them and push them forward without letting them squirt too far off line. He resisted listening to me very well at first, but we did better as the session went on and were able to make it around a mini course. We weren't able to work for very long, since it got so flippin' hot so quickly, but at least we were able to get some work in before the trial this weekend.

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