Thursday, June 26, 2008

The unexpected handling details

There's an interesting topic being discussed on the BC Boards today. A novice like myself discovered with surprise how unprepared she was for the seemingly simple handling aspects of a sheepdog trial this past weekend, and she asked for help figuring out where she had gone wrong, clarification on what exactly she was supposed to be doing, and advice on how to do better next time. I sympathized with her when I read her post—I've certainly been there. As novices, we spend so much time learning about widening flanks and achieving straight fetches and dealing with pressure and covering sheep, and we don't often think very much about turning around the post or transitioning to a drive. Fortunately for me, I learned how to prepare for some of the many unexpected practical challenges a trial presents during our novice series this past winter. Lots of experienced folks generously offered their facilities, sheep, and expertise, and after reading that thread today, I am so happy I was able to participate and thus learn some of these tough lessons in the warm safety of a few novice trials hosted by friendly faces!

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