Saturday, December 01, 2007

Craigor MacGregor and Tazimodo's fun day out

I went out to work Taz and Craig on my own at Bill's yesterday. It went really, really well, especially with Craig. I didn't go to the third level (demand) at all with Craig, though I did have to with pushy Taz a few times—that boy is a rocket ship, I swear! I let Craig walk with the sheep, did some very short drives and short outruns. Lots of praise. It did make a difference. He did fine! He was clearly having a blast, and he was actually bouncing off the field back to the truck. The test will be whether I can remain in charge while letting him have some control. But we had a great day today!

As to Taz, we did a bit of walking and some short outruns. He is starting wide enough but is doing the slice in at 10:00/2:00 thing again. I did lie him down there, and at first he just wanted to walk up to the sheep from that angle. (To be fair, he is fighting against the draw.) Again, I didn't want to put too much pressure on him yesterday, but I was able to get him to swing back behind. Yay! I mean, it wasn't super deep, but it was deep enough to properly lift the sheep. For Taz, the struggle is getting him to understand that he must do the same outwork regardless of whether there is a person and dog setting. He does okay without, and responds to correction if he's not in the right position, but when Bill is there holding with one of his dogs, Taz is very tight and stops short both on his own and when he's corrected. Tomorrow, we'll have a lesson with Bill and see how things go.